PC Support / IT Helpdesk

We provide a single point of contact for all your Hardware purchases, repairs, & enhancements, as well as your Software licensing, maintenances, & support needs. If your computer is acting up we can fix it.

Aligning ourselves with Lenovo (formerly IBM), the largest hardware manufacturer for PCs in the world, allows us to provide you with exceptional equipment at a competitive price. By aggregating your needs with the needs of our other clients we are able to take advantage of volume discounts that normally would not be available. We provide a unified approach and platform to PCs and their maintenance, keeping your investment running smoothly.

Software support is the more common need that people have. Whether it is a computer that is performing poorly, or a new piece of software being rolled out to everyone in the office, or just basic virus protection (or removal!), we can support all your software needs. We can help with software purchases too, through translating vendors’ Techno-babble into English, doing product comparisons, aggregated purchasing (for certain packages), to installation. If you have a software related issue, we can help.